What to do instantly when you accidentally got phone water damaged?

save mobile phone after water damaged

Try the following steps on phone water damaged before reaching out to a repair service company to minimize negative effects:

iphone repairing water damaged

Most of the mobile phones now-a-days come with a water resistant coating. However, sometimes the coating fails work.
1. Don’t panic on phone water damaged.
2. Place the phone in a bag full of rice and silica or any of the either for at least 12-14 hours.
3. Check if the water from the phone has been completely soaked out.
4. Try to switch it on. In majority of the cases, it will switch on.

However, in certain cases, it might not. If it doesn’t, no need to worry. Just reach Pathways Computer and we will solve your android problem ASAP.
Never ever use your blow dryer to dry up your smartphone. It might be hazardous.

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