What’s better to repair mobile phone or to get new? Repair and save your money!

Better repair mobile phone
Why it’s better to repair mobile phone instead of getting a newone?

It is not uncommon for people to accidently drop their phones and this leads to damage on the phone rendering it useless. It is also true that many people prefer to buy a new cell phone after the old phone is damaged. Surprisingly, the real reason is not the cost of brokem mobile phone repair but not having quick access to low cost and trust worthy repair services center of mobile phone

At present time, all of us have so much personal data on our phones from pictures to emails and to financial data. Trusting a repair service center with our devices is especially hard when it comes to cell phone repairs. And yes, giving full access to any repair tech does raise all kinds of alarms.

Apple care can be a viable option, but in most cases, that can be a costly endeavor and wait times in most Apple shops can be quite discouraging. In a user survey it was found that 2/5 working professionals living in city had a broken phone in their drawers. And the primary reason for not getting repairs was lack of time. Annoyed by the unknown or daunting process to get repairs, a lot of customers decide to buy brand new phones.

One big watch out while qualifying such services is to understand who will perform the repair on your phone.

Most of such services partner with local freelancers who typically do not go through any formal training on device repairs. The risk in such repairs is that the device can be further damaged by the tech, if the person is not experienced in repairs. Another issue with such services is the reliability factor to ensure the tech shows up within requested window.

Most of Pathways Computer customers get phone repairs while getting a cup of tea at local tea – coffee shop nearby. Most repair’s cost prediction take less than 30 minutes, Almost all of the customers are pleasantly surprised to see how painless and convenient such repair process can be.

Cost to repair mobile phoneHere are a few more reasons why repair mobile phone is the best option:

1. Cost

Buying a new cell phone is definitely more expensive than repairing cell phone or tablet. Most repairs cost less than a Rs. 2000, while a new device can easily cost you from Rs 10000 minimum, depending on the phone model and the contract. So why break the bank to repair a broken phone.

2. Convenience

Buying a new mobile phone would require to have data transferred from the old phone. If the old phone is faulty or malfunctioning, there is possibility of data loss which can be averted by repairs. At minimum, repair shops are able to retrieve data from broken devices. That’s a huge life saver!

3. Environment

Recycling cell phones is a big win for our planet. Dead cell phones end up in ditches and the remains can last for years. Reusing cell phones to get the full life out of a device is not only cost effective but also keeps our planet from getting polluted. Yes, it’s a win!


In conclusion, getting devices repaired is cheaper and environment friendly.  With devices such as phones and tablets, becoming an integral part of our lives, such services will only become a necessity for each one of us.

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